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“Kid Kulafu” Opens Big In Cinema Together With Buboy Villar, Alessandra De Rossi & Director Pau Soriano

“Kid Kulafu” opens big in cinemas nationwide together with lead star Buboy Villar (The young Manny Pacquiao) and Alessandra De Rossi as the iconic Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao

The said movie is the biography of the 8 Division World Champion which showcase the struggles and hardships of Manny before he reaches the stardom and become the famous boxing fighter around the world.


“Kid Kulafu” also gives emphasis on the character of the Filipino boxing icon with the help and influence of his mother Mommy D. character acted by Alessandra De Rossi.

According to Director Pau Soriano, the story is so inspiring and could give an important lesson to aspiring boxers out there not to give up on their dreams and still continue to pursue it no matter what happens and overcome the hindrance with full of confidence and pride.

Soriano also added that it is not an easy task to study the biography of a person wherein they must consider to conduct a keen research where the person grow up, who are his friends and family in order to gather reliable information to make the movie more realistic, at last the effort has finally paid off as the movie is showing on theaters now.

Meanwhile upon portraying the role as Mommy D. Alex noted that it is so challenging on her part because Dionisia Pacquaio is an iconic personality wherein people knows how she acts and her character, but she admits she will respect those reactions and take it as a compliments.

“Kid Kulafu” receives positive feedbacks from viewers of the movie.


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