Eruption Mania: Eric Tai Incredible Dance Moves Ft. XB Gensan


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GOD gifted us amazing talent and skills and it is for us on how we try to improve it maybe we go different studios to be guided by professional teachers to harness our skills and talents.

We probably loves to do dancing, singing and any other rhythmic activities to keep us healthy and fit. I myself love to dance but dancing does not loves me. Hahaha. But I do not give up my hope in dancing. Witness this man named “Eric Tai” wherein he show his energetic dance moves in front of the crowd located in General Santos city.

Would you imagine such a masculine man dancing like a pro. Such an amazing talent but I an convince big or small, fat or tiny there is no one can stop your passion.

Meanwhile of you have videos the same as this one please do not hesitate to upload it online because this inspire other people out there to pursue their passion.

Thank you watching and have a nice day!

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