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Jake Cuenca Moves On From Acting Snub As Franco In “Ikaw Lamang”

Kapamilya actor Jake Cuence formally moves on towards the issue of acting snub on his role as Franco in “Ikaw Lamang”.

franco jakeHe stressed “I was just very honest about what I felt.” This statement was released upon stating his disappointment for not receiving an acting award on the recently concluded 2014 PMPC Star Awards for television.

In his interview with ABS-CBN last Wednesday, the actor noted those circumstances sometimes become inevitable “You Win, You Lose Some”,  he added he wants to make things clear and let the people hanging by answering those issue  is a showbiz way.

He added sometimes it is hard to live within the expectations of other people especially some of my close friends expected me to win but the sad part it does not happen.

Ask if what pushes Jake to become disappointed, the actor stressed he gave it all for the sake of perfect portrayal of his character as Franco is “Ikaw Lamang”, wherein he dedicate his heart and time for that role. But despite of frustration he feels happy as his co-star in the top rating Kapamilya serye namely Coco Martin and Kim Chiu received an award, so for him it is just a mixed of emotions.

He added not winning an award becomes a fulfilling achievement for an artist because this proves his acting skills in a much higher level where the actor find it more cool and materialistic

Masarap din naman talaga mapuri,. It’s nice to have a pat in the back. To win an award feels good,” he said.

But despite of sentiments he have the actor still express his happiness towards the recipient of the award and added that they really deserve the recognition.

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