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This Gorgeous Woman Bashed on Social Media! Watch it Here

The thief woman was caught on CCTV camera she got almost worth P10, 000 of clothes and accessories from a boutique in Mandaue City, Cebu on Tuesday.

This shoplifter woman was identified as “Jobelle Bascug” from her boat ticket on her clothes that she left in the store. The 19-year-old young lady went out to the boutique wearing all the unpaid clothes (the dress, jewelry, high-heeled shoes, and shoulder bag.)


The sales personnel’s name is Adam Dignos tell that she (Jobelle Bascug) stayed the store for almost 2 hours to fitting the items she wants. He trying to chase the shoplifter, he said on interview in GMA News “Hinananap niya ang CR dito, kaya sinamahan siya ng kasama namin. Pero bumalik siya at naghihintay ng tamang pagkakataon. Paglabas niya, hinabol ko siya sa elevator dahil suot pa niya ang mga item namin.

From PNP investigation, they tracked the contact number of suspect, the owner of boutique [Jessa Romagos] is informed the shoplifter to pay the all the items she took.

Although she (Jobelle) promised to pay the items, but the owner will file the charges against to her, the owner said “Maliit lang yun almost P10,000, kaya niya yun i-settle pero gusto ko siyang turuan ng leksyon dahil kung parati niyang gagawin yun magiging madali lang yun sa kanya.”

According on her Facebook Account, she has a Kleptomaniac. Many Netizens bashed on her but good thing, despite of her disabilities, the people she know and her supporters still giving their support and sympathy that she can overcome all of the struggles in her life.

Here’s the video.

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