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Kathryn Bernardo Celebrates Debut by Fans “Video”

The Got To believe stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla sweetness during the party held at Fernwood Garden located in Quezon City by their fans celebration. Kathryn has 84,000 loyal supporters here in Philippines and also abroad by making the party with two years of planning due to resource.

Fernwood GardenAccording to fans AJ Antonio he said “It’s her 18th birthday! It’s a milestone so we wanted it to be special, so we wanted to give her something she would remember”. The Love team Daniel and Kathryn almost three years from now is created fans club like Kathniel, Kadreamers World and etc.

Watch the Full Video Below:

When Kathryn Bernardo Appearance on stage screams audience for Daniel assist and give her the flower. The Guest excited to watch the 18 roses and when Daniel sched to be his last dance and give the rose to her, the fans are shrieking in their table. The sweetness on stage of “two love team” Kathniel fans are starting to cheer in their chairs.

Fernwood GardenThe Fans also design the venue in Fernwood Gardens which is pink, gold and glitters. The Young child Star on Goin Bulilit turn 18 with the title of Most teen idolized celebrity in showbiz industry. She also prestigious and say thank you to her fans for the party successfully applied.

The birthday girl is so excited to turn into 18 on March 26,2014 and preparations is ready to her grand debut celebration on Saturday with live telecast on ABS-CBN.

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