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Ti9 shanghai. Teams are still fighting to grab the aegis of champions, but the question is if can still hold up until the end of the tournament Meanwhile tnc pred will face team liquid in a bo3 match. The winning team will still advance to the tournament while the losing team will be eliminated. https://youtu.be/jU-hJ8mLHeQ [...]

Live now: TI9 Dota2 Main Event Opening Ceremony

We are now come to the peak of the tournament as happening now is the dota2 opening ceremonies. The teams are now assigned at the upper and lower bracket and will be expected to do their best to stay alive in the tournament. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YDfK28JHcn0 Dota2 opening ceremony ti9 For more trending news around the world [...]

Live now: TI9 TNC vs TEAM SECRET Groupstage Day 3 (BO2)

Happening now is the Day 3 of groupstage where tnc will face the no. 1 team in this season team secret headed by Puppey. Expected to be a tough game for the all filipino team but they promise to do their best. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v1enDd9ixvI Tnc vs Secret groupstage day 3 bo2 Meanwhile Team secret almost dominate [...]


Team secret vs alliance best of two groupstage event. Bo2 secret vs allaince https://youtu.be/3fweLYPu7JE For more amazing dota2 games please tune in to our website