FULL VIDEO: Pokwang Revelations in “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda”

Pokwang is the latest guest of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” and talked about her recent viral photo with Malia. Boy Abunda asked Pokwang, “Yung kayo’y nasa loob ng auto papunta sa abugado, ano ang ibig sabihin nito? “Kasi, Tito Boy, meron po kaming mga gustong bawiin na. Like yung mga YouTube channel namin. Siya … Read more

VIRAL: Pokwang Slams ‘Marites’ About Issue with Ex-partner Lee O’Brian

Pokwang, a Kapuso comedienne, made a heated statement to “marites” about her latest conflict with her former partner, Lee O’Brian. Pokwang’s split from Lee has been one of the most talked-about topics in the entertainment industry in recent days. It’s because of the revelations she revealed about her ex-partner. Some internet users also stated that … Read more

Pokwang Reveals Reason Why She and Lee O’Brian Are No Longer Together

The comedian recently revealed the cause of the split between her and Lee O’Brian. The comedian announced the closure of “PokLee Food Products” on Instagram by posting a screenshot of the Facebook page for her first home-based food business with her ex-partner. She said, “PAALALA, One year na wala ang Poklee Food products sarado na … Read more

VIRAL: Pokwang Talks About Getting Second Chance with Lee O’Brian

Marietta Subong, a.k.a. Pokwang, a Kapuso actress and host, declined to provide a second chance to her ex-partner Lee O’Brian. Recall that in July 2022, Pokwang confirmed the end of her relationship with Lee O’Brian. The information was initially revealed by her vlogger and talent manager friend, Ogie Diaz. One of these actors-turned-businesswomen was Pokwang, … Read more

Pokwang Says There Will Be No Second Chance With Lee O’Brian

The television personality, whose true name is Marietta Subong, announced that her romance with Lee O’Brian would not be revived. Pokwang began on ABS-CBN in a reality program before moving on to dramas and sitcoms. Pokwang and American actor Lee O’Brian began dating in 2015. They met while working on the film, Edsa Woolworth. Malia … Read more

Ogie Diaz Reveals Pokwang & Lee O’Brian’s Breakup

Ogie Diaz, the talent manager-vlogger, revealed the breakup of Kapuso comedienne Pokwang and her live-in boyfriend Lee O’Brian. Pokwang later started a separate label carrying only her name. Ogie Diaz verified his friend’s separation with Lee in a current Showbiz Update video. “Last November 2021 pa wala na at hiwalay na si Pokwang at si … Read more