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Recently Ricky Reyes released an official statement to over acting LQBT community member outthere. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L7XGmkPWNi0 He noted instead of making noise just focus helping other people to gain more respect in the community. Reyes “dapat mag focus sa pag tulong sa mga tao hindi yung ano ano pah”. It is recalled that some famous LGBT [...]

Famous comedian Vice Ganda reacts on the issue with regards on what happen to Gretchen Diez a transgender wherein she was harass and discriminated because she was not allowed to use the female CR. photo credit to rappler.com According to Vice when will the people accept the LGBT community with no pure discrimination. The incident [...]

Creation is full of wonders and the world of human is surrounded with beautiful memories that sometimes amaze you and me when we learn that those quite impossible become possible. Jeff and Ashley are just one among the amazing stories of humanity that may blow your mind upon learning that these two special creations with [...]