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Breaking News Nationwide transport strike is to set this Monday September 30, 2019. The public is advise to be inform so that they will find necessary steps to go to their respective jobs early. The said strike objective is to oppose the upcoming proposed phasing out of old vehicles and replacing them into a new [...]

Watch Raffy Tulfo here live as he resolves controversial issues and more. In this video we can see different social and personal issues which can offer us information and awareness. If you have something or suffering from abuses dont hesitate to call the attention of the program staff and they are willing to help you. [...]

Witness how Raffy Tulfo AkA “Idol Raffy” solve problems and issues here in the country. Watch the live video streaming here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV5K5SIX2KQ Dont forget to leave your comments below and always visit our website for more informative news here and abroad.

We go to comfort rooms to answer the call of human nature and fix our-self from discomfort. It”s really quite disturbing when this call of nature will happen in the place where you”re not familiar with or there is no available pee system. This is the reason that there are lots of attempt for technological advancement [...]

We Filipinos love to sing and I know so much artist in our nation that is considered top caliber with international awards like Regine Velascuez dubbed as “Asia’s song bird” and multi talented performer Charice Pempengco. This really amazed me on how they took up their dreams to the highest level. But what this Filipina [...]