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Jayzam Manabat has composed a rap song about him and Camille Trinidad. The title of the rap song is “Problema Ko” and uploaded on his YouTube Channel last May 9, 2021. The video garnered more than thousands of views and lots of supports comment from his supporters. Recent Issue of love team Jamill: Jayzam Manabat [...]

Dambie Tensuan and Nyca Bernardo complain about Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad in Raffy Tulfo’s program on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. This is related to their involvement in the controversy after their alleged relationship with Jayzam reached out to Camille Trinidad. They said they wanted to clear their name because they were embarrassed in public [...]

Amid the accusations against him, Jayzam Manabat defended himself to all the bashers. He said he was just waiting for the copy of the CCTV footage he was asking for at the resort where a fan said he kissed. Jayzam added that he and Camille have already talked about this issue. It will be remembered [...]

In the midst of the emerging issues being thrown at Jayzam Manabat, he decided to speak up to defend himself. He allegedly admitted everything to Camille and said he did not want to imitate others who would hide and deny what was done. In his Instagram account, he wants evidence of the said accusation against [...]

Camille Trinidad breaks the silence on Jayzam Manabat cheating on her. Camille is now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook after she posted a cryptic message on her social media accounts. He said that he has been upset several times because of issues like this. In a Facebook post, Camille expressed [...]