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Viral again in social media is the feud between Ryssi Avila, Skusta Clee, Zeinab Harake and Concon Felix. A close friend of Avila posted a photo wearing a pink pajama with a caption “Huli Pero Hindi Kulong” (Caught but not jailed). It so happened to be the pink pajama is speculated owned again by Zeinab, [...]

Famous social personalities namely Concon Felix and Zeinab Harake recently engage in a swap looks challenge. Swap look challenge is a kind of fun activity in social media when a boy and a girl tries to swap image. It seems like Zeinab and Con had a similarity when they tried to change it others image. [...]

One of the most controversial topics in social media is the war between Zeinab Harake and her Ex boyfriend rapper Skusta Clee who is now in a relationship with Youtuber Ryssi Avilla. Credits to Zeinab Harake’s fb After the controversies between them fast circulating in social media, vlogger Zeinab Harake seems so pissed off towards [...]

Controversial singer Ryssi Avila answers back with regards to a viral post saying she initiated courting Concon Felix. In a certain post of Tropa Tambayan there is a caption saying Rycon on hotseat: So Ryssi ang nanligaw kay Concon. Concon added “Hindi ko Alam bat ko nagkagusto fun” As an answer she posted: Ryssi firesback [...]

Trending now in social media is a certain controversial video of Concon and a girl doing something maliscious. The former that’s my tomboy and Rhyssi relationship develops when they meet in Showtime. Concon becomes a hot topic now in the internet wherein she was involved in the conflict between Zeinab, Rhyssi and Skusta Clee. Concon [...]