Watch: Boy Abunda on Kathryn-Daniel Breakup


TV host, Boy Abunda, shared his reaction regarding the break-up of actress Kathryn Bernardo and actor Daniel Padilla.

“I was wrong. Mali ako. I thought they would be able to fix what needed to be fixed. Totoo po yan, nagdasal ako na sana’y maayos ang dapat maayos, ang kinalabasan nga ay hindi, kaya they both issued statements na tapos na ang kanilang relasyon,” Boy Abunda said.

“I can imagine the pain… the excruciating pain they have to bear now, Si Kathryn, si Daniel, ang KathNiels, ang mga fans. And I honor this pain. Umiiyak ako para kay KathNiel, as a fan and friend,” he said.

“Katulad ng marami, I respect their decision to part ways, knowing that they tried to save this love story with respect but one that sadly ended also with respect to paraphrase Kathryn,” he added.

“[…] I don’t know the details that brought them to this decision to separate. I only know the love that they have for each other — a love that prevailed even when they decided to say goodbye.” (Facebook/Boy Abunda)

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