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Viral TikTok Flight Attendant Jen Barangan Lost her Job, Due to This Reason

The famous Tiktoker that made viral of her Flight Attendant challenge shared that she lost her job. Know the reason here.

Screenshot from Jen Barangan’s Youtube channel

Jen Barangan was first seen in Tiktok which she is saying her famous lines while wearing her uniform. Her video was being duet by many and has been used by those who also dreamed to be a flight attendant.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the different sides of the world, people lost their jobs. Some establishments closed and other source of income stopped.

Meanwhile, Flight Attendant Jen Barangan recently shared on her Youtube channel Jen Barangan that she lost her job. Jen stated what they’ve been through since the lockdown started until she was included in the FA’s who was lost their jobs.

However, Jen remains her positive thinking. She admitted that she somehow felt worried but believes that everything will be back to normal

Watch her vlog here:

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