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Viral Now: Sh1nBoo Vs Dogie Heated Argument Over the Statement “Patay Na Ang LoL Community”

Viral now in social media is the latest argument between two gaming casters Ako Si Dogie against Sh1nBoo.

The rift between the two started when Dogie released a statement lambasting the League of Legends community “Patay na ang LoL Community” which enrages the league fanatic gamers and one of those is Sh1nBoo.

According to Dogie he stated only his opinion and he did not mention any names regarding the issue in contract with Shin that he tagged the caster on his post on social media.

The two argument lasted for almost 18 minutes of non-stop explanations on their both side.

Let us watch the video down below and give us your thoughts on the issue by leaving a feedback in the comment section:

Sh1nboo vs Ako Si Dogie

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