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VIRAL NOW: Actress Agot Isidro Criticized Jinkee Pacquiao For Posting Hermes Bike Brand In Social Media

Viral now in social media is the recent comment of Agot Isidro towards the Instagram post of Jinkee Pacquiao showing her and his husband Manny bike with a “Hermes Label”.

Hermes Bike Own By Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao

In the actress post she stated that they already know that they are rich (Pacquiao Family) and she do not care about it, Isidro there are so many people her now struggling due to the crisis in the country that why Jinkee must be sensitive.

“Alam kong mayaman kayo at wala among pakialam soon, pero marami rin ang walang pera at nag kukumahog humanap ng trabaho so please konting sensitivity naman

Prior to the post this receives multiple reactions from the netizens saying she is jealous with Jinkee and other sided with Agot saying she (Jinkee) must be sensitive despite of this hard time.

Isidro is known for her no holds barred comments on multiple issues in social media, maybe she has a point or maybe not.

What do you think about the issue, does Agot do the right thing or not? You can freely comment in the lower section down below.

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