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IN PHOTOS: Insane South African Pastor Feeds Believers With Rat Poison

An insane pastor in South Africa feeds his a rat poison “Rattex” to prove their faith in GOD but sadly hours after the intake of the poison many were dead and the rest was rush to the hospital due to stomach ache and suffering nausea with vomiting.

Pastor Monyeki originates from Soshaguva South Africa become popular due to unconventional and miraculous service and decided to take his ministry to the next level by means of a daring act to prove to the world that his ministry can do things beyond human can imagine.

According to Monyeki “he can prove his faith to GOD by doing this because this is what he believes and a testament of his faith”.

But unluckily 5 of his members died and 13 more were rushed to the hospital hours passed due to the effect of the poison that is affecting their body.

Sometimes proving your miracle work is good but as a church leader they must ensure the safety of their own congregation because this is the main purpose of ministry by feeding the lambs of GOD, by leading them to salvation not in danger.

Meanwhile the pastor will face charges because of his negligence that harms his members in the congregation.

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