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Lolit Solis Revealed Why Mark Anthony Fernandez is Living in his Friend’s House

Showbiz analyst Lolit Solis revealed the reason in her latest post the reason why actor Mark Anthony Fernandez is not living in his house and stays with a friend.

Credits to Philstar.com

Mark Anthony Fernandez is the son of late actor Rudy Fernandez and Alma Moreno.

Credits to Wiki

Recently, showbiz reporter and writer Lolit Solis revealed in her Instagram post that the actor was spotted living in one of his friend’s house. This report had surfaced a long time ago but for Manay Lolit, it seems like the actor has got no direction in his life ever since. However, she believes that the actor can fix his life and stand again even though his life is a mess now.


Meanwhile, Mark Anthony had called Lolit and clarified that it is true that he is currently living in his friend’s house due to misunderstanding with his second wife.

According to Mark, his wife changed when he is giving her money, and regarding to the rumors that he has financial problems, Mark said that it is not true.

“At hindi daw tutoo na wala siyang pera dahil meron siyang 10 pictures contract sa Viva. Sabi ko naman mabuti kung maayos naman ang lagay niya,” Lolit said.

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