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The Myx Music Awards 2017 Complete List of Winners

MANILA, Philippines – The Myx Music Awards 2017 announce the official winner that was held on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The show was hosted by the Myx VJs, led by Robi Domingo. Here's the full list of winners for the 2017 Myx Music Awards! Favorite Music Video "7 Minutes" - Darren Espanto "Alam Mo Ba" [...]

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces the complete list of passers for March 2017 Nutritionist-Dietitian Board Exam within few working days after the last day of examination. Aside from the list of passers, Top 10 Passers (TopNotchers), Top Performing & Top Performance of Schools will be posted here once available online. Professional Regulatory Board of [...]

NPA Founder Joma Sison Threatens Duterte Administration

Joma Sison the Founder of the New People’s Army was upset since Duterte withdraw ceasefire from the Communist Party New People’s Army. Duterte said on his First SONA last July 25, 2016 that he declares ceasefire between the CPP-NPA and the AFP for a permanent and lasting peace. However, a day after New People’s Army [...]

Dr. Gumban’s Murderer Gets Life Sentence

Fof Pascual Jr. Who was the main suspect of the brutal killing of Dr. Andres Gumban last May 12, 2012 in his residence at Regent Pearl Homes Subdivision in Brgy. Alijis, Bacolod City. Pascual who live in Brgy. Tadlong, Sagay City. He and his companion not in legal age when the crime happened. In an [...]

Another alarming report from a British cop who witnessed a group of tall white aliens working something at the center of the crop fields. The police officer, who doesn’t want to be named, saw the whole event. He notice something at the middle of the crop field, he was off duty at that time. The [...]

A Battery Could Stay 400 Times Longer? Check It Here

Are you always playing games on your mobile as your past time? Or is it a habit? And then again complaining that the battery life draining faster? We’ll we may no longer have a problem with that, because a research team accidentally created a battery that could last 400 times longer. Batteries on our cell [...]

Reincarnation - the rebirth of a soul in a new body. Is Reincarnation really true? Is it possible that deceased people can return to life in the presence of another individual? Can it be real that you will be reincarnated and live your new life with the same people you have shared your life in [...]

Puppet Caught On Camera Moving On Its Own

Jayne Harris, a paranormal investigator, came into a possession of a “haunted puppet” that attempted to choke its previous owner. Doing only the right thing, she caged the puppet in a glass box and began recording it. Euan McLelland from the Daily Mail posted that a creepy puppet said to have choked its former owner [...]

Was Neil Armstrong Ordered By Aliens To Move Away

We all know that the first man to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong, a NASA astronaut and also an accomplished test pilot and a figure in American and world history that you can bet many generations from now people will still be talking about him, as well as his moon landing. Here are [...]

A Buddha Statue On Mars? Find out here.

A hunter of Aliens around the world was thrilled by a new photographed released by NASA. It described like a statue of a man. It was taken by NASA’s curiosity rover. A lot of photographs were taken of abstract formation on the planet, from ones that look like people and animals to smiley faces on [...]